ICB Business Management - Higher Certificate: Office Administration NQF5 , ,

15 months

Cost: R 16 500.00

Recommended for: Senior Office Administrator, Secretary, General Office Manager, Human Resources Manager, Labour Relations Manager, Field/Floor/Store/Department Supervisor, Customer Service Manager.

Course type

Here are some quick facts about the course.

  • Course duration: Each subject or learning are within the National Diploma can be completed in Three (3) Months.
  • Type of course: Distance learning / correspondence.
  • Assessment: Formative assessments / assignment and a summative assessment / examination conducted by the ICB.
  • Accreditation: ICB as a Quality Assurance Partner of FASSET.
  • Qualification awarded: Higher Certificate: Office Administration NQF5, SAQA ID 23619, Credits: 240.

Entrance requirements

You need the following to study this course.

  • Hold a National Certificate: Small Business Financial Management, or Assessed as competent in Certified Foundation Level learning areas.
  • Students have to Register separately with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) as well as with Aldes Training Academy.
  • Aldes Training Academy assists all students with their ICB registrations, at no extra charge.

Course Objectives 

These overall course objectives will give you an idea about what to expect from the course. It is possible that they will help you see that this course is not the right one for you. In this case you are sure to find something more suitable amongst our wide range of courses – just keep searching until you find that perfect course

What you will learn

Manage your diary and work schedule as a manager. Operate efficiently as a general office manager of a business. Apply marketing, law, PR, and economics principles in business. Draw up and interpret financial statements and reports. Work efficiently with the HR and labour relations departments. Apply business growth principles for local and global expansion.

Course contents


  1. Office and Legal Practice. (OLPR)
  2. Business Management 2. (BMT2)
  3. Marketing Management and Public Relations. (MMPR)
  4. Financial Statements. (FNST)
  5. Human Resources Management and Labour Relations. (HRLR)

Additional information

  • Please read the course payment and ICB registration details file for further information.
  • The student Registration Fee is payable directly to the ICB.
  • The student Examination Fee’s, when making a booking, are payable directly to the ICB.
  • Course & Study Material Fee’s are payable to Aldes Training Academy.
  • ICB Assessments / Study Material Validity: April current year to March following year.

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