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Ferdi van Greunen (Owner)

Ferdi has been with Aldes since 2002 and started off as a franchisee in Middelburg, Mpumalanga. In 2010 he assumed control over the entire Aldes franchise group and has subsequently established Aldes Finance, Aldes Training Academy and Aldes Mining.

He has also increased the number of Aldes outlets in Southern Africa and with dedicated focus he has assisted each franchise to increase their sales. To date Ferdi has structured some of the largest transactions for our Aldes clients and has brokered many BEE transactions. Ferdi is very positive about the outlook for South Africa and the future of Africa as a continent. He holds a B.Com(Law) and B.Proc degree and is also a Certified Financial Planner.

Ferdi is an extremely passionate person when it comes to Empowering & Educating people. He has presented Bursaries to many delegates, in his personal capacity, over several years.

Our staff & lecturers


Leann Keyser

Is an Aldes partner specializing as an Accredited Constituent Real Estate NQF4 & NQF5 Moderator with Services SETA.
She leads by example, integrity, strong values and very ethical. Delivers exceptional service that always exceeds expectations through her proactive & innovative approach.
We are privileged to have her as part of our Aldes team!


Bridgitte Fraser

Is the sheer driving force behind Aldes Training Academy!
Specializing as an Accredited Constituent Facilitator/Assessor/Moderator with Health & Welfare SETA (HWSETA), The Education, Training and Development (ETDP) SETA, Department of Labour (DOL) & Department of Higher Education (DHET).
In addition she is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in First Aid & Fire. She is also an Advanced First Aid Responder & Basic Fire Fighter.
She has developed & accredited her own Learning Material & presented thousands of hours of enlightening and entertaining life saving courses through her own Company.
She is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge and & exited to help others achieve their career dreams!


Michelle Taylor-Rebel

Is an Aldes partner specializing as an Accredited Constituent Real Estate NQF4 Facilitator/Assessor with Services SETA.
In addition she is a Life Coach & Motivational Speaker.
We are privileged to have her as part of our Aldes team!
“Champions don’t become champions when they win. They become champions in the hours, weeks, months and hears they spend preparing to win. The victory itself is just the demonstration of their championship character so therefore real education is not the acquisition of knowledge but the training of championship character”.

Michelle Taylor-Rebel

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