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The 10 steps we describe below are designed as a comprehensive checklist on your way to the fulfilment of your academic goals and dreams. At Aldes Training Academy we realise that the decision to study, and what needs to happen on your path to eventual success, can be intimidating or confusing.

We therefore suggest that you take the opportunity to use this guide and see exactly what needs to be done every step of the way. As you complete each step you will easily be able to see what comes next, and you can even refer back to the checklist at any time to make sure you are on track.

Steps to Success


Make the decision to study

This decision is perhaps the easiest one to make for many people. After all the rewards of a top quality education are quite obvious. Better career prospects, more rewarding work, a higher salary and personal satisfaction are just some of these rewards.

However it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. There is some sacrifice and hard work that will be required to achieve your goals.

Some of the questions you should ask yourself are

  • How will my decision to study affect others such as friends and family?
  • How will I pay for my studies?
  • Will I have time given my work and social commitments?

With enough determination to succeed, and the support of others, you will definitely succeed. Family, friends and work colleagues will be an important part of your eventual success. Talk to them and get them to be just as excited as you are


Decide what you will study

The programmes and courses offered by Aldes Training Academy are the very best available. You only need to decide which one is perfect for you.

It is important to choose a course that suits you as an individual. Choose something that suits your personality and abilities, and align your choice with your current or preferred career.

Remember that certain programmes and courses have entrance requirements. Carefully check the course descriptions on our website – each one describes the entrance requirements – if any.

Naturally the expected time you will take to complete your studies is also a consideration. This information can be found in the pages relating to each course.


Decide on your preferred payment plan

We have various options regarding payment. There is sure to be one that suits you.

The cheapest option is to register and pay in full upfront for all the individual subjects needed to complete your chosen qualification. You receive a cash discount on the fee for each subject. In this way you maximise your overall savings.

You may also elect to pay for individual subjects in cash without paying for all of them at once. This is a popular payment method as you get a great price without having to pay for everything upfront – unfortunately you do lose the cash discount.

Finally many students chose to pay a deposit and the balance of the tuition over time. You do end up paying a bit more – but this is the most efficient way of doing it from a monthly cash flow point of view.

Whichever way you decide to choose – our courses remain great value for money!

Finally – at Aldes Training Academy you can pay by EFT, credit or debit card or by making a direct deposit to our bank account. In each case all you need to do is indicate which option you prefer on our enrolment form and we will trace the payment on our side prior to finalising your registration.



Now that you have chosen your course and your preferred payment method, it simply remains to fill out the enrolment form and send it through to us.

You can do so via email, or fax or by old fashioned post. Our contact details are here (insert link to contact page) and we will attend to it promptly – we know how keen you are to get stuck into your studies!

If you have any questions regarding the enrolment form just send an email to and we will gladly answer them.


Receive your study material

Once your enrolment is complete, and we have received your agreed payment, your complete study pack is despatched via overnight door to door courier.

This pack includes:

  • Your complete Aldes Training Academy study material
  • A welcome pack that includes extra information such as deadlines for assignments and examination registration, and handy extras such as envelopes to return your assignments etc.
  • An Aldes Training Academy study guide that gives you tips and ideas on how to get the most out of the time you spend studying


Work out your study programme

Now you have settle down to mastering the study material provided. Your study pack will contain details of the material to be covered, complete with suggested assignment due dates and all important examination dates.

Using the above, combined with our handy Aldes Training Academy study guide, will enable you to compile a realistic study timetable.

Try to stick to your timetable as it is always more difficult when you have to catch up.


Complete your assignments

The number of assignments differs for each course or subject. Some assignments (known as formative assessments) are compulsory and need to be returned for assessment. You will be given detailed instructions in this regard.

Other assignments are self-assessment exercises. They do not have to be handed in – however they will enable you to measure your progress and knowledge of the material covered. They are a valuable tool to be used in mastering the subject matter.

Remember your Aldes Training Academy tutor is always just an email away. Anytime you are struggling with the study material just pop us an email and we will provide a detailed and prompt response.


Register for examinations

Most Aldes Training Academy courses require a summative assessment or examination. If this applies to your course please note that it will be your responsibility to register in time for the examination. You will also have to pay any examination fees directly to the examining body.

Your study pack will contain more details about examination dates, fees and venues.


The examination

Your detailed preparation using the top quality training material and support provided by Aldes Training Academy ensures a successful examination.

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