Course Terms


  1. Aldes Training Academy reserves the right to approve / decline your application to enrol for the said Programme / Course/ Module.
  2. Submission of your Application is confirmation of your intention to enrol for the relevant Programme / Course / Module and is subject to the Admission Requirements.
  3. By submitting this Application Form you bind yourself for the due payment of the full amount for the Programme/ Course / Module.
  4. Approved applicants will be issued with an automated Invoice for immediate payment.
  5. Invoices must be paid within 24 hours after registration.
    1. Proof of Payment to be sent to:
    2. For any Payment plans:
  6. In the event that you do not attend scheduled workshops or withdraw/ deregister from the Programme / Course / Module at any stage you will remain liable for the full Invoice amount.No amount paid will be refunded to you.
  7. Aldes Training Academy will not use your personal information and detail submitted by yourself in this Application for any other reason than your Programme / Course / Module registered for.
  8. During the Programme / Course / Module you will gain access to content and information of which Aldes Training Academy is the author and the holder of the intellectual property rights. You undertake to maintain such content and information as confidential and not to distribute / copy without the prior consent of Aldes Training Academy.
  9. You undertake to conduct yourself in a manner that enhances the effective facilitation of learning. Failing this, appropriate action will be taken by Aldes Training Academy, which may lead to suspension from the course and forfeiture of fees paid.
  10. You understand and accept that you are bound to abide by the training / examination date(s).
  11. Should you not be able to submit your Portfolio of Evidence on the agreed date or cannot make your examination date(s), you may apply in writing for one extension/ postponement.



  1. I undertake to avail myself for participation in all such structured learning, practical workplace experience and assessment activities required by the Programme/ Course / Module.
  2. I indemnify Aldes Training Academy and its personnel / associates against any claim for illness or accidental injury sustained by me whilst attending a workshop / workplace forum / class.
  3. I declare that the information disclosed in this application represents a true and accurate account of the facts.
  4. My online virtual Application Tick at Submission confirms my acceptance of the Terms and Conditions stated above.

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