To accommodate the peremptory internship requirements for new entrants into the Estate Agency profession the EAAB in terms of the Education Regulations, introduced a mandatory one-year programme, to be completed by all Intern Estate Agents, as from 2 January 2013.

The programme has been specifically designed to facilitate and monitor the induction of Intern Estate Agents into the Estate Agency profession and will apply to all new entrants and/or Intern Estate Agents, regardless of the future status to which such persons aspire and/or of their current academic, professional or other qualifications.

The programme has, furthermore, been designed to ensure that Intern Estate Agents not only acquire meaningful practical Estate Agency experience during the twelve-month internship period but that they are also exposed to an applied and relevant practical learning experience that will enhance, and add value and understanding, to their theoretical estate agency studies.

The underlying objective of the programme is to ensure that intern estate agents are provided with the required structured learning environment that will assist them to acquire the necessary practical workplace experience that they need if they are competently to perform the functions of a professional Estate Agents and that, just as importantly, they are not, during the course of the internship period, relegated to the peripheries of Estate Agency practice.

The maintenance of a mandatory Workplace Learning Programme Logbook and workplace Portfolio of Evidence (PoE) constitutes an integral component of the entire programme. The EAAB has, compiled a draft logbook for use by both Intern Estate Agents and their Principals and/or Mentors.


An Intern that is required to become a Full Status Agent.

Any person interested in pursuing a career within the Real Estate industry.


  • No refund may be claimed if the delegate has accessed material and/or attended the 1st session.
  • Delegates may not transfer from one course start date to another.
  • Once registered the delegate may not transfer a course to another delegate to proceed with.

NQF Level 4 Course

NQF levels are intended to award registered learners with national accreditation based on their skills and knowledge. NQF 4 is equivalent to Grade 12 or Standard 10 (Matric), and is a FET – Further Education and Training – category qualification.




Table of Contents

  • Draft Contract of Internship
  • Background and Overview
  • Scope of Practical Projects
  • Workplace Experiences:

                                                       Introduction/ Product Training

                                                       Law / Finance / Marketing

                                                       Selling & Leasing Property

                                                       Management / Administration

                                                       Paralegal / Suggested Projects


  • Course duration – One (1) Month.
  • Online webinar / support sessions OR controlled classroom sessions. (On request)
  • Certificate of Completion.


  • A Matric Certificate is not a pre-requisite to enroll for this Qualification.
  • Bridging modules are available.


The Delegate is required to submit their completed logbook to the EAAB for Moderation.

A written outcome will be emailed to the Delegate.

Website: http://www.eaab.org.za.

Course Curriculum

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