We do understand that you have already spent lots on the exam. Please let us assist you. Ensure that you pass your RE5 Exam First Time, by obtaining our easy to follow, up-to-date material, Multiple Choice Question advice and mock exams in line with the Blooms Taxonomy and 4 levels as required by the FSB now FSCA. We have included the NEW questions for the April 2018 exams in our question bank in line with BN 194 of 2017 and FSCA FAIS Notice 86 of 2018.



This Online Mock Exam Pack contains:

  • BRAND NEW Complimentary: Up-to-date, Easy to follow RE5 Study Guide 2019 containing:
  • 169 Multiple Choice questions + answers (Difficulty level 1-4);
  • 2019 QUESTION BANK CONSIST OF: 538 Multiple Choice questions + answers (Difficulty level 1-4) from which your questions are randomly selected;
  • NEW: Cross-references added with references to Board Notices, Regulations, Acts.
  • NEW: Online Pre-recorded PowerPoint presentations covering tips and techniques;
  • NEW: 8-Steps on how to study for Multiple Choice Exams;
  • NEW: 4 Steps on answering Multiple Choice Questions like a PRO;
  • NEW: 25 Multiple Choice Test tricks and strategies;
  • NEW: 23 Multiple Choice Exam Strategies to up your results;
  • Free material is not always up-to-date and the question level in the material contribute to failing the exam;
  • Summary of material at end of each section;
  • 9 Exams each containing 50 Questions (450 Questions) (Difficulty Level 1-4)

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