ICB Corporate Strategy Course NQF Level 6 (CRPS)

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The ICB Corporate Strategy course is one of four subjects required by the ICB Financial Accounting Advanced programme. The corporate strategy learning area looks at the longer term and bigger picture factors that drive corporate growth and profitability. These are essential skills required by financial accountants who are typically senior executives within their companies. Some of the modules you will be working on: Formulating a strategic direction, Strategy implementation, Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation and formulation of corporate goals and objectives, just to name a few.

This Module will be available in MACCI from April 2020.

Recommended For

Financial accountant, Accounting Officer

How long to complete

3 Months.

Course Content

  • Module 1Introduction to Strategic Management
  • Module 2Formulating a strategic direction
  • Module 3The context of strategic selection
  • Module 4The formulation of corporate goals and objectives
  • Module 5Strategy identification and formulation
  • Module 6Strategy evaluation and selection
  • Module 7 Strategy implementation
  • Module 8 Continuous improvement through strategic control and evaluation
  • Module 9 Strategic management and non-profit organisations

Here are some quick facts about the course.

  • Course duration: Can be completed in Three (3) Months
  • Type of course: Distance learning / correspondence
  • Assessment: Formative assessments / assignment and a summative assessment / examination conducted by the ICB
  • Accreditation: ICB as a Quality Assurance Partner of FASSET
  • Qualification awarded: You will receive your ICB National Certificate on completion of the Advanced Level programme

Entrance Requirements

You need the following to study this course.

  • Hold a National Diploma in Technical Financial Accounting, or
  • Assessed as competent in Financial Accounting: Upper Intermediate Level learning areas
  • Students have to register separately with the Institute of Certified Bookkeepers (ICB) as well as with Aldes Training Academy
  • Aldes Training Academy assists all students with their ICB registrations, at no extra charge
  • Please download and read the course payment and ICB registration details file, including our NEW Pro version package, for further information

Course Objectives

These overall course objectives will give you an idea about what to expect from the course. It is possible that they will help you see that this course is not the right one for you. In this case you are sure to find something more suitable amongst our wide range of courses – just keep searching until you find that perfect course


What you will learn

This skills programme is an in-depth study of strategic management. It illustrates the impact of corporate strategy on a company’s ability to accelerate its sales, gain market leadership, and power up its revenue growth. The emphasis is on redefining corporate strategy as seeing an organisations big picture that is customer focused, sustainable and successful in the long-term, rather than to rely on the usual strategic focus on objectives and competition