Business Accounting course

This category includes bookkeeping courses and programmes. The accounting function is central to the efficient functioning of almost any entity - whether a typical 'for profit' business, government department, NGO etc. Accounting and bookkeeping skills are in high demand, and the courses we offer are sure to increase not only your knowledge but also your value to any employer

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R3 300

Business Administration course

The value of good company administration personnel and systems can never be underestimated. Our courses offer a wide range of options withiin this broad company management function. Highly qualified administration specialists are sought after and well remunerated, if you like being organised and efficient - take one or more of our programmes to join their ranks!

A few featured courses in this category

R3 300

Business Finance course

There is a great deal of overlap between the Finance and Accounting function in an organisation. The skills required are very much coveted by employers. Financial managers will play an integral part in a companies reporting of financial information to internal & external stakeholders, in compiling and analysing the management accounts of the company and its treasury function - ensuring the company has funds for daily operations and also its long term financial requirements. In every sense a key role in business - that can be yours by taking some of the top rated course we offer at Aldes Training Academy

A few featured courses in this category

R3 300

Business Management course

The challenges and rewards of management are well known to all of us. Taking one of these courses will equip you to master the challenges you already face as a manager, or will face when you become one! Naturally the prestige and financial rewards will also follow, along with the personal satisfaction you gain from a job expertly done

A few featured courses in this category

R11 000

Business National Qualifications course

These skills programmes are groups of courses leading to recognised qualifications. Completion of each group of courses or skills programme qualifies the successful graduate to earn the relevant National Qualification Diploma or Certificate

A few featured courses in this category

R11 000

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Today's job market is highly competitive. Qualifications that are not recognised will simply not be acceptable to employers. Therefore prospective students should take great care to ensure that the institution they choose is registered and accredited.

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