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A staycation could be your best holiday yet!

With Thanks: Anja van den Berg – Solidarity

Published: 7 October 2019


It’s been a tough year for South Africans, with the underperforming economy giving both businesses and consumers plenty to think about – and leaving people in dire need of a break. The light at the end of the tunnel is a vacation, which leaves us in a catch-22. How do you go on holiday if you are strapped for cash?

Why not consider a staycation and make the most of the amazing opportunities that keep international visitors coming back to South Africa?

You don’t need to travel far to enjoy the benefits of a vacation. Here is why a staycation is a great option:

You get time to step out of the rat race and actually experience your city

When your focus is on getting to work and keeping your life running, there’s often very little opportunity to stop and take in your surroundings. Your city is where you choose to live and make a life for yourself – and a staycation can help remind you exactly why! When was the last time you visited an art gallery, tried one of those amazing new restaurants you’ve heard everyone talking about or stopped to consider the history of the place you call home? The ultimate lure of the staycation is getting to chill at home for a bit, recharging your batteries and switching off from work and the everyday hustle.

You will save the buck

Travel is among eight things that cost more this year. By staying home, instead of spending on transportation and accommodation, you can splurge on things you may always have wanted to do in your town, such as a fancy dinner with your partner or tickets to a show for the entire family.  Combining a little splurge with free (or low-cost) entertainment can give your bank balance a breather and also offer you the opportunity to breathe easier during your holiday. Moreover, a staycation is extremely family-friendly and makes retreating to the creature comforts after a long day of exploring with the kids really easy.

You get more time to relax

Taking a staycation in your town cuts out all the travel drama and maximises the limited time you have to relax and recharge. Traveling far means more time getting there and less time actually relaxing. You can catch up on your stay-at-home hobbies or interests that you don’t have time for during the hectic work and school year. You also get to enjoy your own home. Sometimes, your own bed, your favourite chair, and reading the book you’ve been dying to read are just what you need. The quality sleep you will enjoy will help fuel your days.

Doorstep travel, staycation, sho’t left, whatever you want to call it – travelling in and around the city you live in is awesome when you happen to live in South Africa. It’s really about lowering a gear and making time to check out those things you don’t usually have the time for.