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Importance of higher education for today’s economy

Source: QS Asia News Network Published: 23 March 2018 Article: The roles of higher education in sustainable economic and social development increase year by year, and this will continue over the next decades. Higher education can be seen as a focal point of knowledge and its application, an institution which makes a great contribution to […]

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Online learning can prepare students for a fast changing future wherever they are…

Source: The Conversation Published: 17 November 2017 Article: Take a moment to think back to the first classroom you ever entered, whether it was at school, or nursery, chances are there was a blackboard, with coloured chalk where you focused most of your attention. You were probably working from a booklet or on paper […]

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Will going to college make you a better entrepreneur?

Posted by: Dale Hes Published: 7 July 2017 Source: Article: If you’re an entrepreneur with a foolproof idea and all the resources you need to start your business, then there’s no need for you to go to college, right? You can definitely be successful without a college qualification, just ask Bill Gates and […]

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Why You Should Choose an Accredited College Degree?

Excerpt: Article: New students, returning students, families, and all people interested in e-learning programs should use this section as a beginning guide to information about accreditation. Distance and e-learning programs are becoming more and more vital in the world of higher education. Through the use of new technological resources, online learning programs make […]

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What is more important – A Qualification or Experience?

Posted by: Jo Cole Published: 17 February 2014 Article: With the rise of university placements comes the rise of qualifications, and it soon started to seem like the only way to get your foot in the door was by having a string of letters after your name. But this wasn’t always the case, and […]