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Verstaan die konsep van onderversekering…

Met Dank: Solidariteit Wereld – Deur Sanette Viljoen Publiseer: 24 July 2019 Artikel: Die meeste mense het ’n huisinhoudpolis. Iewers in hulle lewe het hulle hierdie polis uitgeneem en hulle hernu dit ook elke jaar. Die vraag is egter of hulle die versekerde waarde van die polis elke jaar aanpas. Jou huisinhoud word verseker […]

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Careers that will be in demand in the future…

Source: Solidarity World – By Marli Naidoo Published: 16 July 2019 Article: Our grandmothers would have laughed at us if we told them 30 years ago that we would have smartphones in 2019 and that app development would be a popular career option. Technological development quickly burst its seams and is still escalating. However, […]

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Is a gap year the right thing?

Source: Solidarity World – By Emsie Martin Published: 23 July 2019 Article: Because many school-leavers are still unsure about their future plans, the habit of taking a year off after school has become very popular in South Africa. According to Dr ST Potgieter, psychologist in Belville, a gap year is like a sandwich: It […]

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Comfort zones and why you should forsake them

With thanks: Solidarity World – By Dr Eugene Brink Published: 16 July 2019 Article: Brian Tracy once said of comfort zones: “Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.” But first, for the sake of completeness, a simple […]

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An academic career opens up new ideas and worlds…

With thanks – Solidarity World By Dr Eugene Brink Published: 16 July 2019 Article: I’m glad I chose an academic career because to me it opened new worlds ─ ideas, problems, people and places. So says Prof Deon Geldenhuys, renowned political scientist and emeritus professor of politics at the University of Johannesburg (UJ). He […]

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Vyf tendense wat in 2019 ʼn uitwerking op die werkplek sal hê

Met Dank: Solidariteit Wereld – Anja van den Berg Publiseer: 10 Julie 2019 Die werkplek is besig om geweldige veranderinge te ondergaan as gevolg van nuwe tegnologie, verskuiwende sosiale beskouings en nuwe generasies werkers met verskillende behoeftes en idees. Linda Trim, ʼn direkteur by die werkplekontwerpspesialiste Giant Leap, beklemtoon die hooftendense wat ʼn uitwerking sal […]

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Job-hunting and social media…

Source: Solidarity World – By Emsie Martin Published: 13 August 2019 Article: In the times we live in and with the high unemployment rate one should not use the regular channels only to look for work. One should cast around wider and also use the social networks. There are also various Facebook groups you […]

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Digital is popular, but is it less effective than paper?

With Thanks: Dr Eugene Brink – Solidariteit Wereld Published: 22 July 2019 Article: The era of ubiquitous digital texts and technology and the immense and accelerating rate at which they are displacing printed publications has well and truly arrived and is here to stay. It seems as if this march cannot be halted and […]